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Alpha Den Co Working Space in Dha Karachi believes Work is about People and ideas. Our Spaces are inhabited by forwarding thinkers, innovators, and game changers who are confident in achieving their goals.

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Alpha Den Co Working Space in Dha Karachi  is DHA’s first and best co-working space. Alpha Den will assist you in the following steps: Alpha Den is designed to accommodate various work styles by offering various settings as well as a variety of desks and meeting rooms to accommodate all working individuals.

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Why Co-working space?

Believe it or not, the lineage of coworking spaces can be traced all the way back to 1995 in Berlin, Germany. And what you might not expect to hear is that the first pseudo-coworking space, C-Base, was created by 17 computer engineers as a “hackerspace.”The Name “Coworking” is Coined in 1999
The term “coworking” was first used in 1999 by Bernard DeKoven, an American game designer, author, lecturer, and “fun theorist.”But back then, he was referring more to a way of working rather than a place to work: his vision for the future of working was rooted in a desire to increase collaboration and remove hierarchy from the professional structure.
While he didn’t know it at the time, this ideology did ultimately form the foundation of what coworking is today.The First Coworking Space in its Current Form Opens in 2002
Finally, in 2002, two Austrian entrepreneurs opened what they call “the mother of coworking spaces.” Schraubenfabrik was built in an old factory in Vienna as a so-called entrepreneurial centre with the goal of housing architects, PR consultants, startups, and freelancers to collaborate and get out of the house. The founders of Schraubenfabrik would later go on to open Rochuspark as well.


CO Working Space in DHA Karachi


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More Affordable

Personal Cabinets

No Maintenance

Air Condition

Network Oppourtunities

Printer & Projecter

Sound Proof Cabins

Sound Installation

Parking Area

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